Using Ansible to install WebLogic 12c R2 and Fussion Middleware

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Before a couple of days Oracle release WebLogic 12c R2 (12.2.1). There are a lot of cool features like Java EE 7 support and Multitenancy Support for WebLogic domains. Installation of WebLogic server along with ADF runtime (Fusion Middleware Infrastructure) are not hard but requires a lot of parameters to be configured and a significant time when you need to repeat the actions in multiple virtual machines. Also Infrastructure updates are time consuming. Ansible is a great tool that help us automate this things. This article will demonstrate the creation of a WebLogic domain using Ansible. You can download code in my git hub account:

Oracle Fusion Middleware Enterprise Manager 12c R2

Fusion Middleware needs a Database repository for storing the required schemas. If you don’t have a database already you can use an Ansible playbook i have create to install an Oracle Database 12c automatically. You can download the code here:

You can configure your infrastructure variables in infa-vars.yml

You can test the playbook from the extracted folder using:

vagrant up

a virtual machine will be ready in a few minutes with no other interaction. You can access the Enterprise Manager at if you use the default settings.

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